G2 Georgetown Squared – Exterior



In late summer and fall of 2017, SKIS Painting partnered with Venture General Contracting to refurbish the exterior of Georgetown Squared (G2), located in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. We received a 2018 ABC of Western Washington Excellence in Construction & Safety Award for our work on this challenging project. Complete pressure washing, resealing of all expansion joints, and painting a new color scheme on all exterior surfaces was only part of the story. Numerous obstacles including an accelerated schedule, difficult work access, inclement weather conditions, and an evolving scope of work presented a challenge, but we successfully completed the project on time and on budget! Thanks to our partners Rodda Paint and Atlas Supply in helping out with product selection and spec. We couldn’t have done it without you!


  • Exterior substrate repair
  • Refurbish and recaulk expansion joints
  • Prime and seal existing surfaces
  • Color match paint to original

G2 Georgetown Squared - Exterior

The Georgetown Squared building, otherwise known as G2, is located at 5601 6th Ave South in Seattle. It is a 5-story, 280,000 sf. building that was about 75% occupied during the project. The lower building levels include a working parking garage which added a lot of traffic, potential for tenant interference, and elevated safety concerns as we worked around the building.

When SKIS painting originally signed on for the G2 project, most of the scope was a simple wash, prep and paint of all existing painted surfaces. As the project progressed, our scope grew to include repainting of the attached skybridge, and a complete assessment and subsequent refurbishment of the expansion joints, which involved scoring of the existing EIFS substrate and recaulking. Also, due to poor conditions with the existing substrate a third coat was added to our scope to even out sheen differences.

Proper scheduling was an important factor in the success of this project. For a project this size, especially given the added caulking scope, it was a lot to ask to complete the work before the rainy season started. Most of the work was from elevated heights, so it was difficult to perform the work with great speed. One of the challenging obstacles SKIS painters faced was accessing the actual working surface of the building. At the ground level, each side of the building was closed to pedestrians and/or traffic while boom lifts were moved into place for the day. Sidewalks were closed early each morning and signage was moved into place to keep pedestrians safe. Once an area was safe for work, an army of boom lifts were moved into place. Four boom lifts were needed on this project, including three 85 ft. boom lifts and a 125 ft. boom. A lot of work went into keeping those lifts maintained. We constantly had repair persons and a gas truck on site to keep the machines fueled and working well.  

The final challenge we faced in the G2 project was the late season weather, which meant rainy days and low temperatures. There were a few days where our painters couldn’t work off the boom lifts because the wind was so aggressive. Included in the pictures is a great example of the effect that the wind had on our masking!

At the end of the project, late November by this time, our final two days on the job were spent creating tents, setting up propane heaters, and finally painting and drying out selected areas one at a time. All this work was done during a heavy rain storm, but thanks to some great outside help from our product representatives and a determined, resourceful group of painters, we were able to successfully complete this project safely and on time, with a lasting, professional result.