Roosevelt Square Repaint



SKIS Painting recently performed a complete exterior repaint of a large shopping center taking up an entire city block in Seattle's Roosevelt neighborhood.


  • Exterior repaint
  • Preliminary planning
  • Exterior of retail centers
  • Coordinated exterior of occupied space
  • Sign removal & installation
SKIS Painting Roosevelt Square Escalator

Seattle Businesses Open During Updates

The SKIS Painting team doesn’t shy away from projects involving heavy amounts of foot traffic. The Roosevelt Square project is a prime example of the SKIS Painting team’s ability to accommodate challenging settings—and of course keep clients and their customers happy throughout what could otherwise be a frustrating experience.

SKIS Commercial Painting Roosevelt Square Garage Repaint
SKIS Painting Roosevelt Square Walkway Repaint
SKIS Painting Roosevelt Square Foot Traffic

Complete Repaint of a Large Seattle Shopping Center

The Roosevelt Square project was a complete repaint of a large Seattle shopping center taking up an entire city block. The SKIS Painting crew worked around constant pedestrian and vehicle traffic and with very challenging access to many of the areas. The team used three lifts on the site—from a Z-24 to a Z-65—to access the various painting elevations. The job was estimated at 1,350 hours and over 300 hours in change orders. At its final account, the project came in on time and under budget, and the client was very happy and reported no complaints.

Roosevelt Square Shops During the SKI's Painting Repaint