Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, Seattle


In 2014, SKIS Painting completed the Starbucks Reserve Roasting & Tasting Room project. This was a challenging, unique, and rewarding experience for the SKIS Painting team. The project took a nearly 100-year-old historical Capitol Hill building in a prominent part of Seattle and transformed it into a vibrant hub for the Seattle community, built to withstand the next hundred years.


  • Preliminary planning
  • Budget building
  • Exterior of industrial parks, offices & retail centers
  • Common areas & stairwells
  • Coordinated interior repainting of occupied space

“The project took a nearly 100-year-old historical building in a prominent part of Seattle and transformed it into a vibrant hub for the Seattle community.”

SKIS’ role in the project included cleaning the newly sandblasted original wood ceiling, walls, columns and concrete walls to be ready for finish, and staining the wood ceilings, columns, new teak windows, stairs, and doors. SKIS applied a clear sealer to the concrete walls in the building and painted all GWB surfaces.

The material we used on the teak interior trim, windows, and stair treads—and the material with the most aesthetic impact—was Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Finish. After cleaning the wood with prep cleaner, we applied the finish to the wood and hand-rubbed it into the surface. After allowing the finish to dry, we burnished the surface to complete the process and achieve a beautiful protective glow on the wood.

SKIS also painted all ductwork and associated cloud items at the ceiling—including the massive amounts of power and data running to all the equipment—with a color to match the stain finish of the reclaimed ceiling, all while protecting the wood ceiling our crews had just stained. Due to multiple installations of various electrical, mechanical, and plumbing items, we had to remobilize almost daily throughout the four months of this project to paint additional items installed out of sequence.

An added complexity of Starbucks Seattle Roastery & Tasting Room Project was that it was designated a eco-friendly green project; therefore, SKIS had a limited list of waterborne materials with which we were allowed work. Another key element of SKIS’ success during this project was constant coordination with the general contractor, JTM Construction, and architect Graham Baba.

The Starbucks Seattle Roastery now stands as an elegantly comfortable gathering place for the Seattle community, and we look forward to seeing it as a community staple for the next 100 years.