June 30, 2021

Have Joined Forces!

Coby Strausbaugh, Founder, Doxa (L), Randy Wyatt, Co-Founder, Doxa, and Jesse Ficks, President, SKIS Painting

“We share a similar heart for the painting industry.”

Now in our 53rd year, we’re excited share a new development in our growth. SKIS Painting has recently acquired Tacoma-based Doxa Painting & Services after a chance meeting at a local Painting Contractors Association (PCA) event. “We quickly realized that putting our shared values, vision, resources, and best practices together that we could make an even bigger impact,” said Coby, Doxa’s founder and leader for 13 years. “Our vision has always been to change the industry and the perception of the painting trade,” said Jesse, SKIS third-generation leader, “and that means taking care of painters. Coby and Randy have always sought to effect that change in their organization, and together we have an incredible opportunity to cultivate what we each love about the industry and truly transform lives for the better.”

“With Doxa, I wanted to build something worth scaling, something that people were excited to join because it is good and does good,” said Coby, “and with SKIS we will be able to multiply our efforts and create something special.” Through this partnership, we are given a unique opportunity to continue transforming lives and spaces with more knowledge, energy, and passion on our team. There’s a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re confident and inspired by the positive changes we can create. We’re also excited to service our South Sound clients through our new Lakewood shop, in addition to all of our customers across the Puget Sound.

The Doxa acquisition coincides with our latest re-organization that will support our growing Operations team.  Most importantly, the new structure enables strategic focus on the individual growth, training, and apprenticeship opportunities that we want to provide for our painters. This is an exciting chapter for all!

We are still the same SKIS you have come to know and work with, continuing our promise to deliver an exceptional experience. We look forward to your business and to meeting your needs with even greater Service, Knowledge, Integrity and Satisfaction.

—The SKIS Leadership Team